This page lists technology resources available to MCC faculty/staff.There is another tech resource page maintained by MCC IT. The link to it is here.

If there is a resource that you think should be listed, please e-mail Peter Shea at

Software (licensed by MCC)
Microsoft Home Use Program – Allows MCC employees to purchase MS Office 2016 (including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Publisher, and MS Note) for office and home use (a home license costs $9.95).

Camtasia – A multimedia development program. Contact Service desk for the license key.

Read & Write – This software improves accessibility of web content, documents and files.  It can be accessed through all of the VDI computer stations on campus, as well as over the internet from your home computers.  Faculty and staff can have Read & Write installed on MCC issued devices for free.  Students or faculty and staff can also purchase Read & Write at a discounted price for home computers (a more effective solution than accessing Read & Write over the internet).

SurveyMonkey – Tool for creating online surveys. Contact Sanford Arbogast at the Office of Professional Development and Assessment.

Snipping Tool – A screen image capture program. Available on all MCC PCs.

Free Software Available on the Web
Perusall – This tool that allows students to make interactive comments on assigned readings that are in PDF format.The program also automatically assigns points to student comments.

Google Docs & Forms (now called G Suite) – Create shared documents that can be exported as MS Office Documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) as well as interactive information forms (for proposals and surveys).

PDF editing tools – These tools mimic the functionality of Adobe Acrobat in that they allow the user to edit Acrobat documents. Available for free at and .

Piktochart – An easy-to-use tool info-graphic tool. Users can sign-up for a free limited resource account to create more compelling images that can traditionally be made in PowerPoint.

Technology Hardware Resources
Copier/Scanner – On the first floor of South Academic Building (Bedford campus) there is a machine that makes copies and scans documents. The scanned documents can be saved to a USB drive or e-mailed to the user.
Subject Matter Consultants (Experts & Power Users)
NOTE: If you wish to add yourself as a subject matter expert or power user, please e-mail Peter Shea at

Blackboard LMS – [Experts] Nancy Curll, Sanford Arbogast/[Power User] Peter Shea

OU Campus – [Expert] Ellen Ricca/ [Power User] Lauren Seeley, Cheryl Ruiz

Perusall – [Power Users] Jean Cremins, Peter Shea, Ryan Fried, Sanford Arbogast

Open Educational Resources (OER) – [Experts] Donna Maturi, Peter Shea, Sanford Arbogast/ [Power User] Patricia Richard

Camtasia – [Power Users] Sanford Arbogast, Peter Shea, Nancy Curll

How to Use… (Tutorials)
Perusall (Online Reading Response Tool)

Piktochart – An info-graphic design tool.

Read & Write (Literacy Accessibility Software)


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